Yeo! I’m Jason. Welcome!

This all started with getting fed up with my own status quo, selling all my stuff, and deciding that I was going live the second half of my life more inspired than the first. Since that’s all an experiment, I thought documenting the process could help others like you!

This is a place for all sorts of sorted conversations, motivation, self-improvement and tough-love shenanigans to help us all level up a little bit in life.

It’s about pondering both the marvelous and the mundane, but looking between the lines for the meaning in the details.

Hold on to your butt, my filter’s off and it might get weird.

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Photo of the ornate Romanticism ceiling and Busts in Monserrate Palace in Sintra Portugal

A Visual Feast Of Romanticism – Monserrate Palace in Sintra, Portugal

Monserrate Palace—One Of The Least Visited Palaces In Sintra!? When I was planning to travel to Portugal, visiting Sintra was easily the destination I was looking forward to most. Sintra is an outdoor lover’s feast, with hiking galore, and barely a space you can go (outside of the main streets of the city) that isn’t…