This is the home for all things devoted to the army of badasses that I’ve had the pleasure to meet throughout this twisted tale. There are the soft-spoken inspirational ninjas, often quietly and calculatedly planting their seeds of change in the world. Some are brazen brutes that choose to take the world by storm, headfirst towards their goal with battle cries blaring. 

Motivational mystics, Agents of Change, Environmental Ambassadors; they’re all here. They have amazing stories and a lot to teach about improving on our next trips around the sun. Dig in! I hope you get as much inspiration and motivation out of them as I have! 

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The beginner traveler's guide to going nomad book by Jason A. Robinson

Tough Love, Tips & Strategies To Help You Finally Kick-Start Your Travel Life…Or Go Full Nomad!

Been wondering how the hell all those digital nomads, location-independent travelers, and remote workers, travel “full-time?” Maybe you’ve thought about living that life one day, but you’re really not sure where to start.

Beyond giving you the stepping stones to dive into short-term domestic and international travel, this book will show you how long-term travelers extend those tools, maximize their budgets, and turn weeks into months…or even years…of traveling the world indefinitely.


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