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Hiking Journal & Logbook:
Hiking With Diabetes Edition

A 52-Hike / Trail Journal & Hiking Logbook

With Blood Sugar Logs, Designed Specifically For Hiking With Diabetes & Diabetes Management On Trail

Hiking makes managing glucose levels even more complicated, especially when factoring in recent exercise, pack weight, intensity, elevation, weather, and so many other variables involved when hiking.

Tracking these details… then evaluating and learning from them…is really important! 

This hiking journal & logbook is designed specifically for those living with diabetes, with prompts and space to track exactly what we need to pay attention to so that we can learn from and improve our blood sugar management on the trail.

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Cover and spread of hiking journal for diabetics

52 Trail/Hike Entries With Detailed Notes 

  • Pre-hike blood sugar & recent activities
  • Trail food section for keeping track of what you ate, when, how many carbs, and other important details
  • Dotted journal for notes or drawings
  • Totals & recap for detailed times, hiking speed, intensity, carbs eaten, etc. 
  • Recovery notes for the following hours & days 
planning and pre-hike spread of hiking logbook for diabetics

Tips & Gear Packing Information 

  • Diabetes-specific packing suggestions & tips
  • General hiking gear suggestions & tips
  • Pre-hike to-dos and recommendations for being ready for unexpected shenanigans or emergencies
front and back cover of hiking logbook for diabetics

Vintage-Styled Cover & Detailed Page Design

  • Subtle blood drop cover graphic
  • Pages specifically designed with information to help you detail and document how hiking affects your numbers—so you can learn how to better manage your diabetes on later hikes
  • Plenty of room to write details—a major problem with most journals & logbooks