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So this whole “Experiment” actually started with deep roots in travel, and only travel. I never really traveled until I was in my late 20s. At that time, I still thought that travel was fairly unattainable because it cost too much. 

I was born in the US; that’s what we’re fed. Get a job, get your 2-3 weeks vacation a year, and go to a resort. Then go home and ponder about the feeling that you need a vacation from your vacation…

Sorry, but I wasn’t having that. I had a choice to make. I could do the “comfortable, easy resort travel 1-2 times a year,” or I could find a way to see more. I chose to start this experiment of pushing my comfort zone because I wanted more travel, and I was willing to hack my way into it. If you want to learn from someone that got so fed up with his boring, non-traveling situation, that he just said, “fuck it, I’ll figure out”, then I’m your guy.

What I found was that the “cheap” way I travel offers so much more than hotels and cookie cutter vacations ever could. I meet more people, see more unique, local places, and experience so much more than I ever imagined I could, and I do it for around $50 a day US, and never feel like I’m pinched. We need to have lots of tools in our travel tool belts, from hostels to hotels, couchsurfing to housesitting, credit card flipping and tons of other tricks of the travel hacking trade. 

And sometimes it’s just about exploring some new places and writing home about it so that you can add it to your bucket / before list! 

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