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The Ultimate Wanderluster, Nomad Adjacent, Chronic-preneur Travel Gifts Idea Guide

Us Wanderlust, Entrepreneur Types Can Be Huge Pains In The Ass…Especially To Buy Gifts For!

Have anyone in your life that is one of those eternally optimistic, I’m going to rule or change the world types? Always “I’m selling all my things and…” or the “I started another…” or “I just bought a one way ticket to…”? And they’re always looking for that next opportunity to maintain their outside of the boxness? Well, here’s the perfect travel gift ideas guide for you!

If it’s you, I get it. That’s totally me too. (We can smell our own…)

Travel Gift Ideas inspired by travel…

These are truly unique gifts based on things I’ve used to grow over the past couple years as I’ve personally changed my life from a “keeping up with the Joneses” type to more of a minimalistic world traveler type. See, us head-in-the-cloud types need a lot of encouragement since going against the grain is in reality pretty tough a lot of the time, contrary to what Instagram might have you thinking.

Some of the self-help books and positive outlook styled gifts have really gotten me through some dark times, so I hope they can help others do the same. But a couple are actually on my holiday gift wish list; recommendations from other digital nomads, so I’m kind of hoping my moms or pops sees this list. (Wink wink, nudge nudge.)

OK. Enjoy! Share with a friend! 

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Luggage & Clothing Gifts for Nomads & Wanderlusters

This stuff is all about packing a ton of functionality into a very small space. For someone that is always traveling (or wants to), or that is minimizing their footprint, they are key.

Nomad travel is not necessarily about spending less when you downsize to be minimalist, it’s about spending good money on things that will last the long haul. I never looked back once I started packing carry-on only with this beauty…Also, you can check out this page if you want more travel resources for yourself!

You can check out the updated recommendations here! 

tortuga packing cubes gift review the nomad experiment
Tortuga Travel Packs & Gear

Easily the best travel packing gear I own. And they have industry awards to back it up. And packing cubes are all the rage these days, because cluttered carry-ons aren’t sexy.

Sea To Summit Inflatable Pillow

I literally use my Inflatable Travel Pillow everywhere. Naptime is anytime.

The North Face Base Camp Duffel

They used to call this duffel “bombproof”. I’ve had mine for 6+ years…


GoTubbs are super versatile. Pills, hair goo, earrings… When you’re forced to carry a lot of medical stuff & pills like me, these are key.

Tech Gifts For Nomads & Wanderlusters

Going away from big, over ear headphones to tiny, noise-canceling earbuds is liberating, and they take up way less space in a carry-on. Do you or a friend travel internationally? An international plug and a simple multi-charging cable covers all the charging bases needed in a tiny package. Packing smaller is packing better, my friend.

Multi Charging Cable

Get rid of all those charging cords with these multi-cables.

High-Capacity Portable Charger, USB-C Power Bank

This thing has big capacity for multiple-charges. Don’t be a tourist without it. 

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