zagg rugged case review

Review: The ZAGG Rugged Book iPad Case With Keyboard

Digital nomad life requires some hardware—and hardware protection

There are thousands of options out there, of course, so I can only speak to the side of the nerd spectrum based on my everyday carry.

Personally, I don’t prefer to lug my gold-plated MacBook Pro everywhere. Well, it might as well be gold-plated for the price tag! I often defer to my iPad for draft writing and simple website editing, etc. I’m actually typing this article on said hardware right now…while sipping a delicious cider. (Priorities.)

Truth be told, I’m usually half lit while I’m writing these articles.

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ZAGG rugged book case
Laptop-style configuration

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When working on an iPad or any other tablet and writing on a regular basis, you definitely want a trusty keyboard. I prefer one that protects the bejesus out of my iPad while I’m at it.

So I used to have a Logitech Ultrathin case/keyboard back before they decided to change to two removable watch batteries.

I actually loved the old rechargeable version and would recommend it if/when they get smart and go back to that.

Unfortunately, I’ve learned that anything that runs on actual, removable batteries is a serious bane to my nomadic existence. More and more I seriously base new purchases on whether or not they plug in to recharge versus requiring actual changing or recharging of batteries. This Zagg Rugged Book keyboard/case is super stout, and it holds a fantastic charge.

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This ZAGG Rugged iPad case is chunky

I recommend it if weight is not an issue and protection is paramount.

ZAGG rugged book case
This ZAGG iPad case is seriously stout.
ZAGG rugged book case
Closed for business

It’s Beefy. It weighs in at over a pound so it can take some serious bumps and bruises.

I’ve dropped it (closed) a few times and it’s like nothing ever happened.

ZAGG rugged book case
Great illuminated keyboard
ZAGG rugged book case
Movie viewer style

Pros of the ZAGG Rugged iPad case

  • It has 4 setups: case, keyboard, video, and book modes (essentially, you flip your pad around into a few different ways for different uses. Actually pretty handy.)
  • Backlit keyboard, and it’s hella bright.
  • 2-year battery power. Seriously? If you’re going to wait two years to use this, just skip it!? I personally know a charge easily lasts for a month or two even with very regular use, but I make it a habit to charge my long-term devices at about every 4-6 weeks and before any long trips.
  • It’s pretty rad looking. Most folks think I’m carrying a small computer and are stunned when they realize it’s an iPad clamshell.

Cons of the ZAGG Rugged iPad case

  • It’s Beefy. Seriously, it weighs over a pound. (But it can take some sh*t?)
  • The hinge is stout, but after about 6-8 months of use, it gets a little wiggly. Not something I really worry about, as it’s barely noticeable. Just wanted to mention!
ZAGG rugged book case
This case is seriously stout.
ZAGG rugged book case
Thick, tactile keyboard

ZAGG Rugged iPad case review parting thoughts

Overall, I have no qualms about recommending this ZAGG case, or any of their products, since I’ve owned a few. I’ve been putting this case through the rigors for over six months now with no issues. If you grab one, I hope you have the same experience!

ZAGG iPad products 
Logitech Ultrathin case with keyboard (another I’ve used and recommend)


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