mural charlotte nc noda art graffiti
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Charlotte, NC USA: Murals & Street Art in NoDa – A Baker’s Dozen of Badass #01

The NoDa Area Of Charlotte, NC Is An Ever-Changing Canvas For Local Mural Artists

I recently spent a morning bumping around NoDa, the art district in Charlotte, NC, checking out all of the rad street art, graffiti, and murals. There are literally dozens and dozens all within about a square 1/4mi. Now, it’s virtually impossible for me to get every piece of awesome crammed into this article, so you definitely need to head over there yourself when you make it to the Queen City.

Please do these artists a solid where noted and give them some Instagram love or a follow, and support your local artists wherever you’re coming from.

And if I missed anyone or tagged anyone wrong, feel free to reach out to me and I’ll get it straightened out and updated on here!

1. The NC Academy Of Art Building – Osiris Rain

This thing is literally larger than life. Easily more than 75ft wide and 15-20ft tall, this mural on the side of The North Carolina Academy of Art is worth taking in. Check out the attention to detail on those petals floating the entire wall. @osirisrain

mural charlotte nc noda art graffiti osiris rain NC academy of art
mural charlotte nc noda art graffiti osiris rain NC academy of art

2. 3123 N Davidson St – Big Trouble Collective

Another big one, this adorns the side of a 4/5 story building, gazing out over the skyline of the Queen city. This mural is quite a few years old and still has some pretty amazing pops of color going on. Pretty sweet whiskey shop underneath too…

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mural charlotte nc noda art graffiti
mural charlotte nc noda art graffiti

3. The Side Of Jack Beagle’s Bar – William Puckett

William is kind of a staple around NoDa and the Charlotte area, and has quite a few murals to be found. This one’s dating back quite a few years, but I understand that the new patio between Beagle’s and the old Salvador’s Deli will have this one on display. William Puckett

mural charlotte nc noda art graffiti william puckett

4. The Side Of 501 Expert Tattoos —Tom Michael

This beaut covers the entire side of the Expert Tattoos building. Rumor has it this was Tom’s biggest mural to date. Hopefully he’s just getting started.

mural charlotte nc noda art graffiti eagle tattoo

5. Boudreaux’s Restaurant – Jon Norris

You might actually miss this one if you’re not looking. It’s only about 4-5ft wide, running up the corner wall at the entrance of Boudreaux’s restaurant. But get underneath of this thing and look up at that “ugly” bird’s nest of a light pole to see things a little differently.

mural charlotte nc noda art graffiti jon norris
mural charlotte nc noda art graffiti jon norris

6. The Neighborhood Theatre – William Puckett

Again, William has been busy. The Neighborhood Theatre, a NoDa institution, has been adorned with many murals over the years, so there’s no telling how long this one will be up. Right across from the Smelly Cat Coffeehouse, which fortunately just has delicious coffee and whatnots, and no stinky felines…that I’m aware of. William Puckett

mural charlotte nc noda art graffiti william puckett neighborhood theatre

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7. The Dumpster Behind Pura Vida Art & Fu’s Tattoos…R.I.P. – Osiris Rain

So you think a dumpster is an odd spot for art? Well, I tend to think it’s pretty rad if you’re trying to make the world a more beautiful place. The paint was still wet on this one. While you’re there, swing around the front and check out the worldly goods at Pura Vida Worldly Art. Osiris Rain

mural charlotte nc noda art graffiti osiris rain
mural charlotte nc noda art graffiti

8. The Corner Of 36th & North Davidson – Rosalia Torres Weiner

This one’s staring at you while you stand at Boudreaux’s or Salud, and covers the outside wall of the Blind Pig. There’s a lot going on in this one, so get a bit closer and take your time.

mural charlotte nc noda art graffiti

9. E. 34th St. & North Davidson — ?

Not sure who’s in charge here, but I like their style. These abandoned fish are swimming around the base of one of the many eclectic houses found throughtout NoDa’s neighborhood streets. Make sure you step off the path of these murals and into the neighborhood for more visual deliciousness.

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mural charlotte nc noda art graffiti

10. Ink Floyd – Multiple Artists

Ink Floyd is a kickin’ little screen printing shop in Charlotte, and I’ve been lucky enough to work with them for years now, on dozens of projects. They’re keeping it real inside and outside of the shop and rotating artists when they can. I’ll let you dive in to check out these folks: Skull – @NightWatchStudios & @Tallboy666; PBR Bottle – @two_dimes; PBR Ad Guy – @guscutty; B/W mural on front of bldg. – @kitschworth; All curated by – @permanent_vacation_crew; Sponsored by – @pbr_art@pabstblueribbon 

mural charlotte nc noda art graffiti ink floyd

11. The NoDa Company Store – Matt Moore & Matt Hooker

The NoDa Company Store has their entire dojo wrapped with this mural by Matt Moore and Matt Hooker. Details for days, so head inside and grab a beer, hunker down on the patio, and take it all in. Matt Moore & Matt Hooker

mural charlotte nc noda art graffiti matt moore hooker
mural charlotte nc noda art graffiti matt moore hooker

12. The Basement – Mike Wirth & Friends

Check out the Basement in Noda and you’ll get 6-7 doses of different artists lining the walls. (See the video up top for more.) There’s also a pretty sweet barber shop hiding in the back, in case you need to get that wig split or just want to stop in for a game of pool and to chat. Mike Wirth

mural charlotte nc noda art graffiti mike wirth

13. Salud & The Cerveceria –Nico Amortegui, Nick Garris & Brett Toukatly

Yes, you’ve probably heard me talk about Salud Beer Shop before. They’ve been rocking the block with delicious pours and a kick ass bottle shop for years now, and they’ve now taken over the second floor and creating a Cerveceria?!

Between that, Fud at Salud’s Wafflewiches, small batch sours, and all of the bad ass murals adorning the walls inside and out, you may want to end your tour of NoDa here too. Make sure you watch the video and check out the entire hallway painted floor to ceiling.

mural charlotte nc noda art graffiti salud

Above: Nick Garris (left) & Nico Amortegui (right)

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mural charlotte nc noda art graffiti brett toukatly

Brett Toukatly finishing off the mural upstairs at Salud Cervaceria while I was there.

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