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“Wouldn’t It Be Better Just To Let Them Pass Out!?” & 10 Other Things You Might Hear At Wilderness First Responder Training

Let Me Be Clear: Becoming A Wilderness First Responder Is Some Serious Sh*t!

During your Wilderness First Responder course, you’ll go through 80 hours of intense classroom and field scenarios. Extremely qualified instructors will be dishing up an almost drowning amount of knowledge, and in a very condensed amount of time. You’ll likely be quizzed on fresh knowledge each day through multiple indoor or outdoor field scenarios, culminating in a final day of classroom tests and field tests.

So in an attempt to make sure you don’t get too serious…I’m bringing you a few of the verbal highlights (lowlights?) from my 9 days of Wilderness First Responder Training.

“HAFE – High Altitude Flatulent Explosions… It’s real.”

“The world is covered in a thin layer of poo.”

“This is fake. It’s a fake thumb.”
(Just prior to taking a “thumb” out of a bag…)

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Credits:  “Just Let Them Pass Out…”

“Oh my gosh; the wound’s going away!”
“It must be magic gauze…”

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From Dusk To Dawn…And All Hours In Between

If you’re anything like the group of 17 classmates I took my Wilderness First Responder course with, you’ll notice folks getting up at the buttcrack of dawn (like 5am) to get into the classroom to study. Then often studying late into the night as the course draws closer to test day.

“Red on black; Don’t pick up snakes!”

“Knowing is half the battle.
Not knowing is the other half.”

The days at Wilderness First Responcer Training are long. Assume you’ll get up early to study the previous day’s content; in by 6-7am. Then you’re in the classroom or scenarios from 8am-5pm, with an hour lunch and a couple of breaks. Then you whip up some dinner and study a bit before turning in. Yep. (Mind you, there were nights when heading into town for a beer and letting off steam were the “required” coursework.)

“You know…like if you’ve eaten some bad street food in Thailand and now it feels like the Devil is living in your intestines?”

“There are people out there that survive on coffee, diet soda and white wine…”

“Wouldn’t it be better just to let them pass out!?”…And 10 Other Things You Might Hear at WFR Training

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Here’s The Thing About Wilderness First Responder Training…

If you don’t have a sense of humor and instructors that can balance the importance of the curriculum with the reality that it can be dry from time to time, you might not make it through. You’ve seen Scrubs, right!?

So these are some random, completely out of context gems I noted during my nine days of training. It could have been an instructor or a classmate that said these (or even me…), or it could have been a rehashing of a past story someone told.

“With testicular torsion, consider self-reduction.”
“Is that kind of like traction-in-line?”

“Possums are our friends!”

Good Luck!

Keep these types of things in mind while you’re working your way through the 320+page book in preparation for you week of preparation for being a backcountry badass.

Want more random Wilderness First Responder quotes?
Here you go! 

More Articles In This Series:
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Credits:  “Just Let Them Pass Out…”

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— Jason

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