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What’s (Not) In Your Wallet? – Slim Wallet Review

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Yo… men (or women, if you happen to know a man.)

Do you have more cards in your wallet than a Hallmark store? Holding on to those old printed Kodak (yeah, I went there…) pictures of your nieces and nephews?

Is your loyalty to all of the loyalty cards waning due to overconsumption? Still toting around enough leather in your back pocket to cause a vegan riot the next time you pull it out at Whole Foods? I was in the same boat.

Don’t worry ladies, there are some tricks and tips that you’ll dig here too. This isn’t just about my bad-ass new wallet, it’s about simplifying the excess junk you might be carrying around on your person or in your purse. Or you could just get your man one so he doesn’t have that giant ass wallet in your way every time you go for a little tail grab. Noochies.

So I did a ton of digging on which minimal wallet I wanted to buy. I didn’t really know what I wanted, but all of the research honed me in pretty quickly. Here’s some of the stuff that came up and how I ended up at my “requirements” in the end.

minimal wallet
Oddly enough, the packaging is pretty darned robust for such a minimalist purchase!

A Wallet minimal in size and weight

Some of the bad-ass looking metal clad “minimal” wallets were awesome, like the Trayvax wallets. I mean, why use your teeth or a tabletop to open a beer when you have an opener built in to your wallet!? But most of those suckers were pretty heavy, and every ounce counts when you’re a hiker, so they ended up weighing themselves out of the running.

Then there was tyvek, which is super light and durable, but most of those were still pretty “clunky” or just seemed to have way too much excess space around the edges, and I didn’t want to buy anything that wasn’t as minimal as possible.

NOT leather or animal based

It’s no secret that I err towards vegetarian with heavy vegan tendencies, so replacing my leather wallet (it was wicked old, probably 6-7 years, back to my pre-veg days) with something else contributing to our terrible commercial farming practices or their by-products just wasn’t gonna cut it.

At least this wallet is a little rad looking

So let’s be clear, a lot of the metal wallets were hella-rad, complete with paracord or leather bindings, and the tyvek wallets had all sorts of cool printing on them. But per the last two points, those were already out of the running. Some of the simple money clips were even made of or at least looked like carbon fiber; pretty cool.

The options were vast, but the winner was the Elephant Wallet


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I’ve been super stoked since ditching the old and busted wallet for the new hotness

  • This thing is about 40% of the size of my old wallet.
  • It resides comfortably in my front pocket now, and after a couple months of use, my back has thanked me.
  • It’s elastic fabric, so it’s very light and soft with no sharp edges.
  • I consolidated and pitched many of my “loyalty cards” in lieu of using my phone number or storing images, barcodes, and all of the details in an app called StoCard. I even put my bar membership card pictures in there and haven’t had a bar give me hell for that yet. I still keep all of these cards locked in the safe in my Jeep, so when I do need them they’re accessible, assuming I’m local.
  • It may not be the most rad looking option out there, but it’s lime green, so that’ll do, pig.
  • It does have two small pockets perfect for a spare key or a couple quarter or whatever else you might need to throw in there.
slim wallet review
That’s my old wallet underneath it. May not seem like a huge difference, but that old one also had a lot of girth.
(We’re not using phrasing anymore?)

So here’s what is now in my everyday carry elephant wallet

  • 2 personal credit cards (airline miles of course)
  • 1 business credit card (which I never use and could probably drop)
  • 3 debit cards (business, personal, and HSA)
  • Cash (usually try to keep it to no more than 3-5 bills… Good thing I only carry hunneds…)
  • Driver’s License

That’s it! Been running that light for a few months now with no real remorse or missed opportunities where I needed anything else.

The other nice thing about this thing is that it’s only about $15-20 depending on where you get it. I’m sure it won’t last forever, since it is fabric, but I’m guessing a few years of life before a replacement will make me happy, and anything after that wil be gravy.

Ok, pick a color and get yours! I think the 24 Hours of Booty orange one will be next for me!


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